25 October 2009

What's Going On - Granola Tendencies

Last week, Granola Tendencies received a little blurb over at the Greenists. What's funny is that I've been looking at the site for information about taking care of your pet in a sustainable way because I am HEAVILY considering adopting a kitten!!! I've been reading the site for about a week now and didn't even notice their shout out my way.

The shout out was about that fact that Sam and I made an Apple Pie with Gouda Crust. We found an Apple Pie with Cheddar crust on epicurious but Sam wanted to alter it a bit. All of her ingredients were natural, organic, raw, unbleached and local. So it was really as good as it gets.

Sam will be featured REALLY REALLY soon in granola tendencies first interview! I can't wait till you hear from her and see the pictures I took of her apartment.

Thank Greenists for highlighting Granola Tendencies and Sam's Apple Pie. Sam and her roommate Laura, also made a very good vegan meal that evening too which included Tomatoes stuffed with Risotto, Homemade Dill Bread, and Gingered Carrots.

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