20 October 2009

An Evening with Dr. Greg Watson

In a previous post i mentioned a desire to become more involved in the sustainable meetup groups that I'm a part of as well as pursue further education in all things sustainable for my personal and professional life.

I received an email from my meetup group leader Naomi Davis  of Blacks in Green for an upcoming event.

On Friday, October 23rd, Dr. Greg Watson will be speaking at the Cook County Board Chambers. Dr. Watson is the Senior Adviser for Clean Energy Technology within the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs and the Vice President for Sustainable Development with the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative...amongst many other things.

The event is free of charge, although donations are welcomed. There will be a brief reception and then Dr. Watson will speak. There is even an audience engagement session at the end. (Nice way of saying questions and answers!) I need to compile a few questions to present at the engagement.

Last Friday I came home from worked and watched three shows that were in my Hulu queue line up. This will be a much better way to spend a Friday evening.

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