21 October 2009

Taking Action - No Impact Project

Now that its midweek of the No Impact Project, a call to action has been put forth in the How To Manual. You are asked to choose between three options. Water. Climate Change. Transportation.I chose Water.

I recently saw the extended trailer for Tapped. I’ve reserved it on my netflix cue and have frequented the website. I even brought it up for discussion at a very organic homemade dinner with friends last Sunday. Watching the trailer reminded me of the documentary, The Corporation where in Bolivia water has become a privatized commodity and the World Bank owns the water. Therefore even when it rains, they own the drops. Citizens are not allowed to gather the rain water. It’s illegal.

How is it possible that we lay claim to water? How is not the question. We've done it to the air and land as well, so why not water? What hasn't be privatized these days?

On a side note, this past Columbus day my mother and I were talking. I told her how silly it seemed to me that we hail him as discovering America. “How can you discover something that was there and had a developed culture and people? That’s like me going somewhere I’ve never been…Africa and upon getting there saying, hey look, I’ve discovered a new land.” Just seems ridiculous to me. I’m done celebrating Columbus.

Ever seen this commercial?

This makes me think about what that would mean,if we did live in those conditions. I have the luxury of turning on my faucet, filling up my brita and helping myself to ice cold water whenever I want. I don’t have to walk miles with five gallon jugs to fill up with subpar water. But what if I did?

Remember a year ago when one of the most popular brands of bottled water was exposed for using tap water for their bottled water? Crazy.

At my job we have weekly deliveries of bottled water, we have four machines that yield filtered cold and hot water, we have ice machines (and multiple fridges with freezers that we do not use)…and we even have some faucets that just yield filter water and sparkling filtered water next to the regular water spout.

On the How To Guide, I followed the link to participate in the various petitions. At work, I use a refillable water bottle. Aside from being an informed citizen, signing petitions, and refilling my nalgene, I don't know what else I can do? I can't fly to Bolivia and protest. I can't stop the weekly deliveries of bottled water from coming to my job.

But even as I take on this negative view, I remember my stance and belief in the power of Socio-Political theater. I believe theater and many forms of art can exact change, spur discussions and raise awareness. And perhaps with the many ways in which I feel powerless to change the world, maybe I will find a voice through the stage.


Shelagh said...

I think that every time you talk about an issue (and especially write about an issue - it lasts longer sometimes), you are taking action. You might be sharing information that someone else doesn't know, or igniting a conversation that turns into something someday. Someone could read your blog post who then goes on to change the world, because of you.

Like that movie "It's a wonderful life" (if you've seen it) - the main character had no idea how many people's lives were better just because he was in them.

my two cents.

SLY said...

i like you two cents!