19 October 2009

The Spice House

My dear friend Sam who is an UBER granola turned me on to The Spice House a little while back. She is an avid cooker and baker and comes up with the most amazing recipes. Just yesterday we had homemade Apple Pie with Gouda cheese crust. For dinner there was stuffed tomatoes with risotta, gingered carrots and homemade dill bread. I took lots of pictures and will be featuring it on Cafe LaShay real soon.

Both Sam and I go through a lot of spices and she told me about the extremely CHEAP prices at the spice house. "You're paying for the containers," Sam said. So I bought my own containers and started buying spices for The Spice House. There is so much more variety and its more cost effective.

During a recent trip to New York, there was as street fair vendor that was also selling spices and teas at ridiculous prices. I bought so many spices, I thought airport security would lock me up on my return flight.

Spices at New York Street Fair

The Spice House has stores in Illinois and Wisconsin and you can also order online. Sam says its best to actually go into the store. I believed it smells like heaven.

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