23 October 2009

Granola Happenings

One of my granola goals was to become more active in sustainable community events and activities. I realize that in just over a week, I've already started to work towards those goals.

Tonight, I will be attending a speaking engagement and reception hosted by Blacks in Green where Dr. Greg Watson will be the guest speaker. Dr. Watson is the Senior Adviser for Clean Energy Technology within the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs and the Vice President for Sustainable Development with the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative...amongst many other things.

In order to promote awareness about 350, tomorrow afternoon I will be participating in the Chicago 350 International Climate Action Day bike ride. The group will cycle around the city riding past many of the other 350 action day events. I'm hoping that this event will spur me to ride my bike more often...even to work.

Also...I've been telling everyone about the International Climate Action Day and I have a colleague that's going to be joining me for the bike ride!!!!

This weekend I will also continue to make my homemade body products including a face cleanser, toner, exfoliating scrub and mask.  I recently made a Coffee Brown Sugar Body Scrub and can't wait to try out some new recipes. I will also be tracking the cost versus what I normally spend at the Body Shop and hopefully there will be some savings. (I'm assuming so, since all the ingredients were products I readily keep at home except for the Witch Hazel.) I can't wait to tell you about what happens.  I am researching recipes for shaving cream, shower gel, and body butter too. What other things should I make? I suppose once I run out of my green cleaning products, I can look into creating my own. I'd need an all purpose spray, a glass cleaner,  and a disinfectant cleaner. I'll also poke around under my sinks and see what else I keep in there.

my homemade Coffee Brown Sugar Body Scrub

This weekend...tonight actually after the Dr. Watson event, I will be making a vegan black bean soup. Now I realize many of the meals I eat are vegetarian with a high percentage of them even being vegan. Therefore I'm on the right track. But what i want is to be more intentional about making vegan meals. And after calculating  my carbon diet I'd love to steer more towards a vegan approach to life with hints of raw food. Therefore I'm going to start using some of the recipes in four interesting cookbooks that I own. 

This weekend I'm also looking forward to posting an interview with my granola friend Sam as well as starting to process how I can become an eco-conscious theater artist and what that means for me as a writer and stage manager.

What are you doing intentionally to become more eco-conscious?
Do you know of any other events or things in the Chicago area that I could be a part of?

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