24 October 2009

EcoSabbath - No Impact Project

With the way my weekend plays out, I've decided to switch the "Giving Back" day with the "Eco-Sabbath" day for the No Impact Project. I have rehearsal for most of the day on Sunday and will not be able to avoid transportation, electricity, actor's/rehearsal trash and such. 

The first thing I did this morning was check my bike since I was gearing up to participate in the Chicago 350 International Climate Action Day bike ride to promote awareness about 350.

Well, I'm sorry to report that I did not participate. My bike has a flat that I do not know how to fix. I could have googled the nearest bike shop but I was discouraged and decided to stay home and sulk. I don't recommend that. I could have found other Climate Action Day events going on but I didn't want to. Sulking sounded much better.

I decided to stay home, read books, organize papers, purge my files, clean, and nap. I spent most of my day switching between those various things. I unplugged everything. Turned my phone off. And used my computer to watch the latest grey's anatomy and that's it. I took time to even clean baseboards, finalize my paint colors for my apartment and edit my to do list. For majority of the day, I didn't need to turn any lights on or use much electricity. It was a peaceful day.

I checked in on my plants. The picture below is very old. My basil is about twice that size now.

 I even started making the face products but I will post about that later.

All in all it was a quiet, calm, peaceful day with no distractions. 

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