25 October 2009

Homemade All Natural Exfolianting Face Scrubs

I googled a lot of different recipes for exfoliating scrubs and again, the simplicity was remarkable. Most recipes simply said to put a small about of brown sugar in the palm of your hand with olive oil. Then you massage onto your face once it has turned into a paste.

I always have brown sugar and olive oil in the house. For many reasons. Brown sugar is put on many of the things I bake and my snacks like almonds, brown sugar and cinnamon. Olive oil is used for a lot of my cooking but it the main ingredient that I put in my hair. I never really run out of either of these two ingredients because in order to function they pretty much have to always be be in the cabinet.

Here is the brown sugar in my hand. Just enough to fit into my palm.

 Then I added a bit of oil and mixed it up.

If it feels off, add more brown sugar or more oil. And start to scrub.
(yes my hair is pointed in many different directions but my skin is thanking me for putting my vanity aside for a second to show you how this works)

 By making it in the palm of your hand, the exfoliating scrub ended up being the perfect amount. The scrub felt a lot gentler and smoother than my store bought brand. As i began to rinse it off, however, my skin felt too oily and that scared me a little bit. Once, the scrub was completely rinsed off and blotted dry with a face towel, the overly oily feeling was gone. My face just felt smooth. I think my pores were even singing.

The exfoliating scrub I purchase before from the body shop. $14.50
All I can saw is, "Wow."
How many $14.50's could I have put else where by just mixing brown sugar and olive oil.

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