24 October 2009

350 - International Climate Action Day

Today is International Climate Action day. For more information regarding this day visit their website at  350.org

Some of my favorite pictures from around the world are below. All photos are courtesy of 350.org and the people who sent them in.

My favorite animal is the elephant. Thus of course this would be the first on my list of favorites. I was reading an article about how there is one type of elephant that is near extinction because they are killed for their ivory tusk. Did you know the tusk was an elongated tooth? Crazy. To me, elephants symbolize wisdom and old souls. And sometime about that vibrates with me. Have you heard Rachael Yamagata's song entitled, "Elephants." Its beautiful.

I have never seen the pyramids nor been anywhere in Africa, but I have a deep desire to go.

I spent some time in Paris back in 2004 for for a Theater program called, "Arts in London" and one of my most beautiful friends is from Paris as well.

This ship is just cool

I'm not sure what this parade, festival theatrical artistic thing involved but it looks very intriguing and captivating.

All in all, while going through the 350 website I came across some really creative and innovative events people did to show a unified front and raise awareness regarding climate change. It was a huge international event and I hope those in leadership poisitions who have the power to exact change and legislate better standards will use this as inspiration.

There is an urgency with the need for change. We can not afford to be complacent or uninformed.

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