23 October 2009

Are you Texting during my Presentation

This just in.....

sometimes being more green SUCKS.

Okay. Not really. I've noticed that being green makes me more intentional about my choices and actions.. Which coincedentally is a goal of mine anyway...to be intentional about all that I do, to be present in the moment. Therefore living a sustainable life aids in my own personal growth as a human being as oppose to a human doing.

I've mentioned before that reducing my paper usage would be a challenge. I wrote about it in a post titled Tracking my Progress.  It isn't as hard as I thought it would be. In well over a week, I've managed to only print out one 1-page report. And fifteen tasting surveys in which i used 8 pieces of paper. (I'm looking at using survey monkey in the future, except its not as eloquent and visually appealling as the ones I create. Any other survey programs that gives you the freedom of design? I conduct these surveys reguarly.)

9 pages printed at work! That is growth. At home, I haven't printed anything. (Although I must admit when I first purchased my wireless printer, I was so excited that it was wireless that I printed out random things just to see the wireless-ness in action. Sometimes I'm a geek.)

And as far as being a stage manager and watching what I print...well I haven't printed anything yet. Again, at some point I will need to create a prompt book but my goal will be to make it as efficient as possible. I'll print double sided and use 100% post consumer recycled content. I won't be able to use scrap paper. It is a professional binder that's the go to guide for the production. Should I randomly get hit by a bus, a person should be able to pick up this binder and know everything they need to know about calling the show, prop need, contact info, costume sketches, press releases and everything else.

  • No, I can not just save it on my laptop. It would need to be saved on the internet so that everyone had access to it. 
  • How about a prompt blog? Except sometimes you won't have internet access. 
  • Or if you have the files on a USB thing..sometimes those break. Or in one of my shows, the laptop went crazy and everything was on it.

So really, there needs to be a physical prompt book. How else can I make that book green? Suggestions?

That's not the point. Point is, I have been crazy intentional about my paper usage. But as I mentioned, one of my hesitancies is losing things. I've lost so many things because it erased off my phone or the file was lost. However, I didn't let that deter me.

Today at work I've been using my phone and evernote to write all the things I need to write down. Notes from meetings. List of things to order. Phone Messages. To Do List. Feedback. Everything.

I've come across two challenges....

During meetings, it seems as if I'm texting or checking my phone for messages when really I'm using the Notes program to take notes of the meeting. I don't think people really like that. They feel better with you taking notes on paper.

Secondly, as it JUST FREAKING HAPPENED...an ongoing list and many things I needed to order were accidently erased off my phone. That list had over 30 items for next week. Some things I can't remember because a person would just come up to me and say can you order this specific thing for me. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I'm trying to remember everything on that list but so far I only remembered 7 out of the over 30 things.
This is why I like paper! Yes, I'm using scrap paper right now because i have a stack of scrap paper to go through. But once I go through my scrap paper and I stop printing all together...what am I going to use.?

I suppose I should just use evernote for everything and stop using the notes app all together. Or for right now, I can sit at my desk and pout for a little bit. (I like the latter)

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