20 October 2009

Apple Pie with Gouda Crust

On Sunday I spent some time with my dear friend Sam and we made Apple Pie with Gouda Crust. Sam found the recipe on Epicurious.com. The recipe calls for Cheddar cheese but Sam wanted Gouda and I'm glad she put her spin on it. If the idea of cheese in the crust of your apple pie seems a little too far out there....trust me.....you need to eat a piece of Sam's pie...because it was AMAZING!

I learned my lesson awhile ago when Sam made this blueberry pie with sour cream. I sort of turned my nose up at it and then I ate it and my nose was like, "What the hell was wrong with you for judging this piece of heaven." So I trust Sam's baking instincts.

I'd say follow the recipe from Epicurious. I won't list it here. Sam and I did our own twist, missed a step or two had to back track...but hey, that's what baking is for...making messy flavorful mistakes!

This photo is after the crust has chilled in the fridge for awhile and the apples too.

The apples were laced with raw sugar and some other stuff the recipe called for. There were too many apples left over so we ate the rest of the sugary concoction. Yum yum!

The unbaked pie waiting for the oven to heat up.

Now the pie is done and is waiting for me to attack it!

And so I did.

Now the pie has a hole in it.

One thing about Sam's baking is that all the ingredients are organic, natural, unbleached or raw. The apples were from the CSA she participates in. The crust was homemade. The whole thing was as homemade, local, and organic as you are going to get. Even the spices such as the cinnamon comes for the local Spice House.

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