25 October 2009

Pop Tarts, Made with Real Fruit

I've seen this commerical one too many times.....

First off, it always annoys me how so many toys, snacks, and all around products are geared towards children and not the adult who's buying the item. The commercial above is for a child to see and then beg their mom in the grocery store for.

"But mommy, its made from REAL FRUIT!" the kid will whine.

If by "made with real fruit" you mean 10% of the filling is made from dried "real" fruit. But is that 10% of fruit even organically grown fruit or infused with pesticide and genetically altered fruit?

10% Really! 10% and you get to say its made from real fruit.

Nevermind greenwashing. I say green bullsh!t.

You want to give your children something to snack on give them a box of raisins or real dried fruit. Dried mangoes taste amazing. Give them blueberries. Fresh squeezed orange juice. Give them almonds. There is even a bubble gum recipe in my book Raw: The Uncook Book made from natural ingredients.

Yes parents have limited time and sometimes can't make a full breakfast and their kids are whining and they hate apples and its just easier to give them a pop tart and really it only happens once every now and then so its not so bad...... Really, you don't have the time to give your child something more wholesome than a pop tart made from 10% "real" fruit. Ok. Go right ahead.

The Washington Post wrote an interesting article about this new marketing scheme ploy technique from Kellogg's.

What kind of snacks do you give your children? Is "made from 10% fruit" good enough for you?

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