29 October 2009

Coming Up on Granola Tendencies

There are some happenings on Granola Tendencies. Some are a little slow in the making but they are coming.

  1. My first interview with a dear friend Sam and her personal granola tendencies.
  2. My review of the Regreet kit.
  3. A guest poster speaking on asbestos and its links to cancer
  4. A reader green product recommendation
  5. My reactions to Dr. Greg's Watson speaking engagement

........And posts ranging on topics of what it means to be an eco-conscious theater artist, how wearing your hair natural makes a difference, and my excitement on the return of the No Impact Project. I will also be experimenting with some new recipes this weekend! Hopefully at least one that's raw!

I am also looking for recipes and recommendations on making my own shower gel, cleaning products, body butter, face moisturizer an alternative to toothpaste.

If there are things you'd like to read about, or if you'd like to guest post or if you want to be featured in an interview because of your granola tendencies, email me! Or leave a comment. I want to know.

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