28 October 2009

What I found while I took a promenade

Things you find when you take a walk instead of immediately hopping on the bus after a long day...

Pirates performing at the picasso statue thingy with drums and fire.

A view of michigan avenue as you try to dodge traffic and not look like a tourist taking a typical picture because you aren't a tourist because you really are from chicago.

What did you discover while taking a walk? Did you happen upon any pirates with drums and fire?


Shelagh said...

that is so awesome! finding pirates sounds like it is definitely worth a walk around!

Anonymous said...

I realized how beautiful Lawrence is in the fall. When you drive everywhere it is so easy not to notice your surroundings, but when you walk, you're able to observe your environment and all the interesting things in it.

SLY said...

I only caught the last ten minutes of the pirates but it was completely worth it!!!!! I hope you both find pirates too. :)

And you are right, when you drive sometimes you don't notice things.

One time I rode my bike to a rehearsal and found a park that had a statue of the Tin Man. Never knew chicago had a park with a beautiful statue of the Tin Man and other characters from the Wizard of Oz.