15 October 2009

Tracking my Progress

I'm borrowing this idea straight from Every Green Step. This is one of my favorite green blogs. Its the most relate-able ones I've come across. A true personal story of a woman's day to day life in being intentional about sustainability.

I am going to start tallying my sustainable efforts. So far my list consist of the items mentioned below. This list will evolve and alter over time. It will be a way for me to measure and observe my progress of intentionality. We will see what happens! 

  • Bottle of water saved:
  • Cold water washes:
  • Meatless Meals:
  • Pages of paper saved: 1
  • Plastic bags saved:
  • Time purposely unplugged:
The paper thing will be a challenge for me because I LOVE printed paper. I like having it in my hand. I like to highlight, underline, apply post its and put it all in a binder. Its just not the same reading a report on my computer. I seem to comprehend something better when I'm holding it in my hand. I waste so much scrap paper and index cards writing down notes, quotes, and ideas. I understand that I should be doing much better. But I've also saved notes, poetry, and important ideas on my phone only to have them completely erased! That unnerves me. I once wanted to track my menstrual cycle for a year to learn more about my body and its own timing and I was thoroughly enjoying the whole tracking system. After ten months of tracking it on my phone's calendar...I noticed one day everything was gone from my calendar. Therefore I'm a little scared of losing things too. Yes I routinely back up my laptop, iPhone, and blackberry. I do as much as I can and still I find that I lose things. Even still, I will be intentional about not printing things.One thing I installed on my work computer last year which has helped with my addiction to printing is GreenPrint. I encourage you to try it out. I'll have to check and see if they have it available for Macs, that way I can add it to my laptop at home.

Any suggestions on what I should add to my tally?


Shelagh said...

Congratulations on your launch!!

I checked out the Green Print program you mentioned and it looks so great, I love that you can get rid of ads before printing. They said they'll have the version for Macs with Snow Leopard up soon, I can't wait.

SLY said...

I find that Green Print is especially useful when I'm printing something straight from the internet. There is always that last page with one line of text that I forget about. But then Green Print catches it. My goal will be to have it installed at my company and not just my individual computer at work.