19 October 2009

Best Green Blog: Granola Tendencies

Granola Tendencies is one of this week's featured blogs on Best Green Blogs and is also one of the Editor's Choice. This is very exciting. Certificate in Green Business. (check) Facilitator and Project Coordinator of Sustainability Group at Work. (check) Editor's Choice for Best Green Blog. (check) Very very exciting.

Loves it!

Spreading the lifestyle of sustainability one piece of tofu at a time. :)

I really love the website, its a part of my RSS Feed and I check it daily. It is how I've found some of my favorite green blogs such as....

Every Small Thing
Eco Mama's Guide to Green Living
Her Green Life
Green Girl Meets All American Boy
to name a few.

Best Green Blogs  is a great resource for all things green. I've been using their directory for about a year now and am glad for it.

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