20 October 2009

Purging Through my Closet

Two nights ago I came home and decided to purge.  (I was inspired by Every Small Thing.) I tried on everything in my closet and made various piles.
  • Summer clothes to store
  • Clothes to give away to Goodwill
  • Clothes to send home to my sisters
  • Clothes to send to the cleaners for repairs
It felt good to make more space in my home. Every inch does not have to be filled.

While doing this, I found some frames in my closet that have been sitting there for months. I'm waiting to paint before I hang my artwork. One frame however has sat in my closet since 2005 in every apartment. Therefore I took the picture out of it, put a new picture in and hung it in the kitchen.

I've decided since hanging it that I don't like the picture. But I am encouraged. I at least took something out my closet that had lived there for FOUR years! Can you believe that? On Friday I will take the time to actually make a more creative piece for the frame.

I also, came across a skirt that I've had for six years. It is brand new. Price tag still on it. I'm still not ready to part with it so I have to find a reason to wear it. (Truth be told, I came across too many things in my closet that I've never worn. Most of them are because I don't know how to accessorize with a certain piece. Or I have a skirt but am not sure of what top to wear with it. Therefore, while purging everything, I tried different outfits. Tried combinations I wouldn't normally try. And I discovered some new ways to wear my old clothes.)

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