26 October 2009

Washing Dishes

So...I have a problem and could use all the suggestions you might have.

I've received so much feedback and comments and encouragement in these last few weeks and its been so helpful. Since you guys are such good advisers, I am asking for more advice because I have yet to find a google search answer that fixes my most current problem.

When it comes to doing dishes I've come across many tips and tricks.
  • only use your dishwasher when its full
  • if you have a double sink, fill one with your soapy water and the other with your rinsing water...then proceed to wash dishes
  • use an eco-friendly dish soap
I'm sure there are many other tips as well, but I have yet to come across one that is relevant for the problem that I face. Like for instance the video below is assuming I have two sinks.

However, this is my sink.

Notice, it is not a double sink. I only have one sink. So when I was dishes I fill the sink with dishes. Let the water run as I wash and rinse them one by one and then put them on my drying rack.

I am sure this offends your green sensibilities! It offends mines. But I don't know how else to wash my dishes and conserver water with only one sink.

Any suggestions?


Shelagh said...

My grandma used to wash dishes by putting the hot soapy water and dirty dishes in the sink and then filling up a container (bowl or big piece of tupperware) with hot water for rinsing (it's like cheating and getting a second sink on your countertop).

kudos to you on greening your dishwashing, I will now go and take some of my own advice when I wash the dishes that don't go into the dishwasher - I have a single sink too, and seriously never thought to do that.

SLY said...

that could work. I thought about it after seeing the basin they use. although i have very little counter space because the dirty dishes are sitting on the counter. (i could try not to let them pile so high.) I also have this large bowl plastic popcorn bowl I've been thinking of getting rid of and that could be used as the basin. (honestly though, it feels too granola. but i will try it. i thought Erin's suggestion was too granola too but then I felt better after doing it and realizing it was an easy solution to a common problem)


NiKo said...

I use a Rubbermaid dish basin to rinse the dishes in...it is large enough to be a second sink! The downside: it is plastic, but I've had mine a long time (and three cross-country moves) and it is still fine.

SLY said...

Niko. The fact that its lasted so long...sort of cancels out the plastic. :) Lol