21 October 2009

The Granola that I Am

A few of my most recent granola tendencies.... (i'm scared if I keep going down this path, you might actually catch me hugging a tree)


Today, since I'm being more cognizant of of trash, as I have been the past couple of days, I give second thought to most things that I grab. As I mentioned before I've been putting honey in my tea so that I don't have to open and discard little sugar packets. Today when making my coffee, I almost grabbed the little containers of half and half creamer. But that would mean two small containers of waste to throw away. So instead, I grabbed the skim milk and used that as my creamer. I've never done that before. And you know what, I liked it! My coffee was smoother and my stomach handled it much better. I suppose I should stop drinking coffee altogether but that won't happen until pigs fly. So in fairness I drink fair trade coffee that is distrubted locally. Intelligentsia.


I have been using my phones more to take down notes instead of post its and even scrap paper. I am also printing so much less that its ridiculous. Do they give awards for that? Because I deserve top honors. If only you could see how much I used to print a day. Maybe 50 pages or so a day sometimes. And in the last week I've printed one page because for accounting reasons I had too. But when I spoke to my boss about it, he said I'd no longer have to do that starting January 1st. Yea! I didn't have my phone on me at one point today, so instead of grabbing a post it...I did something probably worse...I wrote on my hand instead. Ink poisoning or Killing Trees? I've been using Evernote. I was able to put in on my mac laptop at home, my iPhone, and my PC at work. Unfortunately it doesn't work with my blackberry pearl. However, if you have another kind of blackberry, I think you are all good. In a meeting I used it to take a picture of a graph someone drew. I used it to take notes for another meeting. At my pc, I used it to snap a picture of a website that i want to go back too. (Now if I must use paper however, at my job we use 100% post consumer recycled paper and recycled post its and scrap paper...fyi)


In my 15 months of working at my job, before this last week, I've turned my computer off only ONCE. My computer has been turned on for more than a year non stop. Yes, tree huggers everywhere...say a prayer for me. Its the culture of my job. No one turns there computer off. We just log off at night, if that. One person said be programmed his computer to automatically turn on and off. I can do that on my macbook pro but not on my pc. Anyone know of a way to do that on a pc? Well, it doesn't even matter. Because since last Thursday, I have been turning my computer off at night.


My lovely friend Sam mentioned that she no longer keeps electronics in her bedroom and has found she sleeps better for it. In the book Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui, Karen Kingston speaks about this. I highly recommend the book! Anyways, Sam told me about this last Sunday when we got together to make Apple Pie with Gouda Crust and Stuffed Tomatoes. So on Sunday I moved my phones into the bathroom. (I been hitting snooze too much anyway) So now my alarm goes off and I have to go to the bathroom to turn it off. Which then since I'm up, I brush my teeth and began my day. Along with doing this, I stopped charging my phone all night. While I'm consistent with letting my battery run down on my laptop before I charge it, I don't do that with my phones. They stay plugged in from the time I get home until I leave the next day. Since Sunday, I have just left them uncharged. When I wake up in the morning, there is still enough juice in it to begin my day with. Nice!


An associate at work received an invitation to some event...that doesn't really matter. What matters it that it came in the most beautiful envelope I had ever seen in my life.

As she was telling me about the event, I kept starring at the envelope. She started to throw it in the trash. "WAIT!" I said a little too loud, "Are you going to throw that away? I could cut off your name and use it for arts and crafts. As well as a reference for the perfect colored dress that I want. Can I have it?." She smiled at me and then passed it along. Trust me, the picture doesn't do it justice.

I'll take a picture of whatever I use the brown envelope for. Most than likely it will be in one of my art journals.

What are you latest granola tendencies? Any suggestions on further steps I can take?

By the way, I'll be featuring my first interview with Sam and her roommate Laura on sustainability and their city dwelling granola tendencies. Stay tuned.


Eco Mama said...

I think you're putting a lot of positive stuff out there, good for you! The reusable bottles, recycling, and all the changes you're making...the intention and effort...sharing that with others...all your good energy...it's great!
Eco Mama

SLY said...

@Eco Mama, thanks for the encouragement. At times it feels like I'm not doing enough. But I've notice that just being intentional about it, makes a difference. I can't wait till the day when I do these things without even thinking.

I had a friend who said she didn't think she was granola at all. And when I listed over 20 things that she does, half of which I don't...she said, "Oh, I guess so." I want to get to that point, we I no longer need to try. When it just becomes second nature.

I look forward to that person growth.