23 October 2009

Water - No Impact Project


 In the morning, I do a naughty thing. After I turn my alarm clock on, I run my bathroom sink water while I start to get dressed. (I take my showers at night, in case you were wondering...) After about three minutes, with half my clothes on, I go back to the bathroom and brush my teeth and wash my face...letting the water run this entire time.

"You should no better you FAKE granola!" the critics may say.

Yeah, well my water is ice cold in the morning and I have sensitive teeth and what else am I supposed to do. Trust me, I am open to suggestions. How do I conserve water but not brush my teeth and wash my face in ice cold water?

I am not one of those who lets the yellow mellow in the toilet. Honestly it grosses me out and even though I'm all for the environment, I am not at the expense that it grosses me out. And that grosses me out. I could stand to fill a jug and put it inside the toilet so that it uses less water when I flush. That's completely doable!

I don't take long showers. I don't have a dish washer. Nor do I have a double sink so that I could stand to conserve even more water. I'm not sure what I could do about water conservation.

Luckily I don't pay my own water bill since I live in an apartment and perhaps that's why I'm all out of creativity on how to change that behavior. Maybe if I saw what my bill might be, I'd come up with all kinds of solutions to do better.

How can an apartment dweller conserve water? Suggestions? And remember, I will not let the yellow mellow!


Erin said...

Okay, first of all, the video cracked me up. You could do as the video suggests. But...ewwww!
Do you understand the Portuguese?
Second, microwave a large measuring cup of water just enough to take the chill off. Tepid is a good temperature for face-washing. Wash your face with it. Dip your toothbrush in it. Rinse your mouth with it. If there is any leftover, use it to rinse your toothbrush and wash the sink.
I'm really enjoying your new blog, Sheena. It's fun and helpful for someone like me, with a desire to do what's right, but not a whole lot of willingness to be inconvenienced. The best change comes slowly, and from the heart.

SLY said...

Practical and Doable Erin. Didn't think about the microwaveable thing! And no I don't understand the Portuguese but their images make it very clear. They want me to pee in the shower! I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. Any suggestions on future post? I have some fun things cooking up! But what are things you'd like to read about.