01 November 2009


Not sure if you can see this too clearly but this is my natural gas bill for this month due on November 17th from People's Gas, Chicago's choice of vendor for this utility.

The total bill comes to $20.60

I think that is amazing!

And..and..the bill is really $16. The rest is taxes and politics and some environment pact thing.

I think that's impressive and look forward to making it even lower. I once knew a women with a two bedroom apartment who's gas bill was about $12. Crazy!

It will be interesting to see my gas bill during December and January when hell freezes over and the devil decides to blow a cold wind in chicago to make up for lost time.

Somethings that aide in this that may be different for the average household is that

  • I don't cook ever day
  • I don't have a programmable thermostat
  • My apartment management is amazing with checking our filters and ducts and all that whatnot. (don't remember my old apartment management doing so. they were so amazing that when the roof in the bathroom above the shower started cracking and falling, their solution was to tell me to shower with the window open because the steam did it.)
  • I have yet to turn my heat on

I also just received my ComEd Electricity bill and the total for that was $19. The bill went down $1 from last month. I wonder if its because I've been unplugging EVERYTHING from my walls except the fridge and stove.

Is your gas and electric bill high or low? When do you start turning your heat on?


Erin said...

$20???? $19????? I hate you. No I don't . I'm just jealous. Ugh! i can't even imagine what it would be like.

SLY said...

LOL Erin. But live alone, so I control everything in the house as oppose to when I lived with roommates and the comed bill was $100+. I also live in a small apartment. And I'm gone most of the time. Usually from 7am to 11pm or midnight. So being that I'm rarely home, I rarely use the energy. I think there are people paying utilities that equal my total rent probably.