02 November 2009

Composting in an Apartment

For five minutes I entertained the notion of composting in my apartment. It seemed like a cute granola thing to do. After the five minutes I was grossed out by the idea of worms in a bin in my apartment. I had thoughts of them oozing out the air holes and finding my bed and eating me alive. Then I thought, Sheena, you can't even find a decent place to recycle in the city and now you want to compost? Seriously?!

I came across this video which was pretty interesting at Ecolocalizer.com.

I came across some interesting less granola composters that don't involve poking air holes in a bin for the worms to breathe. Happy Farmer Kitchen Composter and Gaiam recommended composters.

Is there anyone living in an apartment who compost inside of their home? What is that process like? What do you do with the compost if you don't have a garden to then use it for?

If I were to compost, I'd have an endless supply of food through my job. We throw pounds of coffee grounds away a day as well as all kinds of food scraps. I'd have the best garden, if I had the land! I hope in the future perhaps my job will have a garden and then a portion of the waste we produce in our food will go to good use.

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