30 November 2009

How do I dispose of....label tape?

I am really digging the fact that I can post a problem and readers are able to give me advice on solutions. Its like the reverse of most blogs that offer the tips and tricks. :)

So...I need help with a new problem involving waste reduction and recycling.

Do you know what these are?

These are the labels for my amazing label maker.

I don't personally own this label maker. I use it at work. A lot of people use them at work. You'd be amazed at all the things we find to label. You'd also be amazed at the variety of label tapes that we have.

But what do I do once the label tape is empty? Do I just throw it in the trash? Can is be recycled? Where does it go? I have a pile in a drawer in my desk and don't know what to do.

I ship pack used ink toners to xerox and other vendors.
I ship old cell phones to charities and broken ones are given back to vendors to properly dispose of.
I reuse scrap paper.
I sort my trash from my recyclables.
I think heavily about wanting to compost the pounds and pounds of coffee grinds that are thrown away each week at work.

But I'm not sure what to do with these label maker tapes when they are empty? Anyone have any idea?


Labelman said...

Great question and something we at K-Sun found that our customers were asking about years ago, so we listened.

I'm unaware if Brother has a cartridge recycling program, but K-Sun LABELShop cartridges are recyclable. We have some great labeling machines--in business since 1978.

One dealer also has a trade-in program -- you can get a comparable K-Sun's label printer like our BEE3 (when you get a BEE3 you are also helping honeybee populations through donations to research at the University of Minnesota Bee Lab).

All our dealers accept the LABELShop cartridges for recycling as well, or we provide postage-paid bags for end users.

Let me know if you'd like more info. http://www.ksun.com

SLY said...

Thanks for the info Labelman! I also looked into it and PTouch does have a labeling recycling program which is great.