07 November 2009

A Granola Cat?

So I am heavily considering adopting a kitten/cat. Well, its beyond considering it since I've already purchased everything I need for it except for the food, litter and litter box. In a few weeks...like next weekend there will be a pet in my apartment.

While I don't know what kind of cat or kitten, I am nonetheless excited. My plan is to go to the Anti-Cruelty Society and let the cat pick me. (The Anti-Cruelty society is NOT a no-kill shelter. Therefore I'll potentially be saving a life) While kittens are cuter...they require more work and need more training...but they are so cute. However, I'm interested in adopting a cat that's at least a year but not fifteen years. I don't want to spend the entire time with the cat at the vet. Although senior cats need love to. I'm looking for a cat that needs a home that he won't destroy. A cat that will cuddle but can also be aloof. A cat that won't mind that sometimes I have rehearsals.

(By the way, I used to own a kitten named Polo. She was a firecracker, knew how to fly, broke almost everything made of glass in my room, and yet was the most sweetest little cuddler ever. However, I had to get rid of her because she had a temper problem. When she'd get upset, she'd pee on my bed as a huge flick off to me for having to discipline her. That could not continue. Therefore I had to give her up as lovely and crazy as she was)

This is Polo. I miss her but I know she's in a better home!

So, in wanting a kitten, I started looking up ways to raise a cat in a granola kind of way and I came across some interesting ideas and tips.

Of course there is the whole use organic or natural food and litter. Finding the right one that suits my needs and pleases the cat will be the challenge. I did see at the grocery store and on Petco.com that Feline Pine is an all natural clumping litter. Clumping is what's important to me. So perhaps this will be the one. It also seemed reasonable priced. Because trust me, I'm not going to break my budget for a cat. If I'm going to break my budget its going to be because of me and a new dress or book or another trip to a Thai restaurant. (Selfish, yes. I know.)

I was confused when I saw on Petco.com that you had to choose between "natural," "organic," or "holistic." I guess I figured that all those choices went hand in hand but perhaps not. For now, I will wait to purchase the food until I know what cat I will have and receive some guidance from a sales associate at Petco or Petsmart.

Another green tip I came across was that I should not wear my shoes in my apartment. I agree with this for other reasons aside from pets. It keeps your floors cleaner. Yogis believe it keeps your apartment's chi intact by being intentional in the act of removing your shoes before entering your home. I'm sure there are other religious and cultural significance around removing your shoes. Another reason, is for your pet. Since we trap things on the bottom of our shoes, we are giving our pets the oppurtunity to fill their mouths with all sorts of impurities. This will be something I will become more conscious of. Over the last few weeks, since decided to adopt a cat, I've started taking my shoes off.

Another green idea was to make toys for your pet instead of purchasing more stuff. Stuff that took resources and energy to make. Stuff that will eventually end up in the trash. Ideas for toys. Well, you could ball up aluminum foil and let the kitty play with that. You could tie a piece of string to a piece of scrap paper and pull that around the room. The kitty will destroy that paper in minutes and it cost you nothing. I read once that you could take an old box, cut holes around it big enough for the cat, fill the box with newspaper and little treats and the cat will spend loads of time going in and out the box.

Another green choice is to adopt a kitty versus buying one. I believe the ones you buy are breed. Adopting one helps those that already exist and need a home.

Since cats love catnip, there is also the possibility of growing your own catnip. Or should you choose to purchase it, purchase the organic kind.

These are the only tips I've been able to find so far but I am constantly looking for more so that my new cat will have a holistic and sustainable life with as little of an impact on the earth as possible. So we will see.

I've been thinking of names and just today I thought, "Granola," would make a good name too! What do you think?

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up up and away said...

Granola would be a perfect name for the new kitty :)