08 November 2009

Regreet - Product Review

I've mentioned Regreet a few times on Granola Tendencies and I finally took the time this weekend to try the product out at the request of its CEO, Christy Elchers. Welcome to Granola Tendencies first product review.

I received my Regreet package in the mail about two weeks ago and my initial reaction was excitement and intrigue. There was even a handwritten card included in the envelope in which it was suggested that I use that card as my first Regreet. Unfortunately, the card is too pretty to give to someone else, so right now it lives on my desk at work.

Isn't the card so pretty?

So, the first thing I was was dig around my box of old notes, cards and letters for some possible things to "Regreet." I can't give away something too pretty or too precious. It has to be something that was nice but has lived in the box for years just taking up space. (You have no idea the things I found in that box. I must not have gone through it in years!)

After finding a suitable collection of cards that I wanted to regreet, I opened the kit. It seemed easy enough. I apply the journey label to the back of the card. (This is how each recipent is able to track all the places the card has traveled.)

Then I'm supposed to apply a signature label over the message the previous person wrote on the card. I hit a snag during this step. The label wasn't big enough to cover what the person had wrote.

I tried changing the direction. Adding two labels. Nothing worked. The pre-determined size did not fit over all the writing on the card I wanted to use.

Not only did it not fit, but the whole color and theme of the "regreet" label totally messed up the look of the original card. Perhaps if the card was more earth tone in color, it wouldn't look so obviously regifted. After trying two other cards that could also not be covered with the signature label, I neatly packed the "regreet" kit back up and wondered who I could regift the regreet set to.

My review.

While the idea of regreet is intriguing, it turned out to be very limiting. In order for the product to work, you will need a card that fits its pre-determined label sizes and one in which only has writing on a certain part of the card. How does this account for people who have written on both sides of the card or in a place not able to have a label stuck over it.

Since i wasn't able to find a suitable card to regreet, I wasn't able to try the second part of the product which involved tracking the various places the card goes.

My advice.

For old cards that you come across but that need a new home, try old fashioned construction paper, glue, and magazine clippings that way you can cut things to the exact size that you need, find color schemes that work, and pretty much completely remake the card into something new.

Would I recommend this product? Sure, if all your friends send you cards that fit the exact measurements of the regreet kit. Otherwise, you'll need to find a way to regreet the regreet kit. Anyone want to try it on, I'll mail it to you free of charge!


Shelagh said...


I would love to try it! I have a ton of old cards in one of my dresser drawers, and a lot of them are on the small side so hopefully it would work for them. Worth a try!

SLY said...

Email me your address so that I can send the kit to you. sheenalyoung at gmail dot com. I think its a cute idea and would love to see how it works when it actually works. I just have friends who like to write on every possible inch on a card.

christy said...

Thanks for checking us out --- You are correct. Not all cards are "regreetable." We'll need to have a "regreet movement" to get people trained to simply write in the right hand signature area. That is why we included notepaper --- for users to write longer messages. I greatly appreciate you sharing our product with another one of your readers.

SLY said...

Thanks Christy for responding. I don't think your product is bad. I think its a great idea! It just didn't work for me. But I am going to ship it to my blog friend Shelagh and she's going to have a stab at it. I believe she will find perfect use for it.

Shelagh said...

I just got it in the mail!!! Thank you so much SLY.

Can't wait to try it. :) I'll keep you posted.