24 March 2010

Mobile Boarding Pass

In select US airports you can now board your United Airlines flight via your smartphone instead of the traditional printed boarding pass. How cool is that? One less thing to print off.

Should you have to print,
  • print on 100% post consumer recycled paper.
  • print on scrap paper.
  • print double sided.
  • print with a eco-font.
  • print with GreenPrint.
  • print after you have done a thorough spell check.


Erin said...

Oh, Sheena, I used the moblile boarding pass on my way home from NYC last week (by the way, I was truly bummed not to see you, but I know that you and Bianca enjoyed your sister time!). I had my funky little square bp all ready to go while I sat in the waiting area. I checked it several times...just a bit freaked out about not having a piece of paper. Just as the gate agent began calling the rows for boarding, I checked my phone again...no boarding pass! Aagghh!! It had disappeared. I frantically pushed buttons, got back onto the airline website, but it said I had already checked in and I could not call up my boarding pass again. Fortunately, there were only about twenty people on the flight, so the gate agent had the time and inclination to let me on. That scared me a bit,too. She didn't ask to see my ID. She just checked her list and asked if I was Erin. Umm...yeah...that's me. I didn't wait around to talk to her about the glitch in security. I just got on the plane and headed home. No moral to this story. But it will be awhile until I get up the nerve to go paperless again. In the meantime, I will def use scrap paper. Good idea. I'm also wondering if there is a way to print JUST the boarding pass and not the other page and a half of weather, tips, ads, etc.

SLY said...

The lack of security does scare me! And also, I hate glitches. Not being able to pull the ticket back up is frustrating and what if things are hectic and they are overbooked, they won't even give you the time of day.

If you use Green Printing or Print Greener..the link is in the post...its really helpful when printing things from off line. After you click print it pulls up all the pages that would print and you can click the ones you'd rather it not print. It keeps a tally of all the pages you never printed and shows you how much you save. Its a free download.

I'm sorry i missed you too. Bianca's flightw as canceled that day because of the crazy storm and she came in a few days later.