03 March 2010

The Uniform Project

Have you ever heard of The Uniform Project? I first learned about it through one of my favorite websites.
One of the comments I wrote about the website was....
  1. Posted by Sheena - 06/13/2009
    I actually really like the project. Even if its not completely sustainable, or someone has done it before, or there are better ways to go about doing it….I really like it. Its creative and inspires me to think of ways in which I could simplify my wardrobe. I won’t wear the same dress for a year but it makes me realize I can do a lot more with all the pieces in my wardrobe. So if this has prevented me from buying another dress because I’m thinking of new ways to wear the ones I already have, then unclutterer has succeeded in being helpful to me. Plus the girl is just so adorable and while some of the outfits are crazy, many of them are just too cute! I want that black dress!

    First, I must mentioned the woman behind the Uniform Project has the same name as me, SHEENA! Yea!

    One of the reasons for this project is to raise money for school children. But I like the sustainable implications. Can you take one dress from your wardrobe in wear it in seven different ways? After following The Uniform for quite some time, I was inspired to look at my clothes in a new way. Perhaps if I layered things or added accessories I could find a new way to wear something.

    And it works.

    But first, back to Sheena from U.P. Here are some of my favorites of hers. (Look at her site and see some of her creative or crazy outfits. I can't believe it's almost been a year!)


    My favorite is the one with the hat! So so cool!
    Eventually the black dress which can be worn both ways will be for sale. I will definitely be purchasing it. Sheena borrowed friends accessories until her site became so popular that people were donating accessories for her to try.  At one point, she asked that people stop sending accessories. She even had an event where she put the accessories up for auction to raise more money.

    So with her encouragement I have tried mixing things up with my clothes.

    This white dress has been in my closet for over a year with the price tag still on it. I was never able to wear it to work because its spaghetti strapped and the cut is pretty low. And I just never had an occasion to wear it during the summer. But after some creative layering, its not one of my favorite things to wear to work. Now I need to try it with some other color than black!

    One of my favorite dresses but because its sleeveless, its limited to certain seasons. Or not! I add a long sleeve tshirt, leggings, and even knee length socks with boots. And now I can even rock the dress in the winter!

    Another sleeveless dress that works for the winter by adding a long sleeve tshirt, leggings and boots.

    And one of my favorite shirt/dresses..Its more a shirt at this point. But with leggings it doesn't matter. So with this one I went color crazy. Green leggings. Orange leg warmers. Brown boots.
    But sometimes I wear the shirt with jeans.
    Or just with brown leggings and boots.

    But even still, that's three different outfits.

    So I encourage you to mix and match.

    Right now I am living out of three suitcases while the rest of my belongings including my clothes are in storage somewhere in New Jersey. I'm pretty much stuck to the three suitcases and I really don't want to buy more stuff. Therefore, I've been trying some pretty different looks with the clothes that I have. Who knew layers, leggings, and accessories could give you a whole new look.


    Associates at work actually thought this was a new dress because of the belt. And I wear the dress a lot. A least once a week but this time with the new accessories I was frequently asked if this was a new dress!
    When you can't find anything to wear do you shop for something new, borrow from a friend, or try old clothes in a completely new way? Any ideas for other ways and colors and styles I can try to make my limited wardrobe fresh and new. (Also do you notice a theme...I love dresses!)


Jennae @ Green Your Decor said...

I've always been a fan of the uniform project too, and it's nice to see someone making a practical application of it. Since I work from home, I don't dress up enough to make it work for me (my "uniform" is yoga pants and a t-shirt), but it's definitely made me think twice about buying any new clothes.

SLY said...

I think the Uniform Project is so fabulous. Since I don't have a dress code at work..not even really business casual, I have the freedom to really try things out. It's been fun.