05 March 2010

Sugar and Coffee

I've pretty much given up coffee completely. Since December of 2009 I've only had two coffee drinks. I've also given up most forms of sugar even raw. I only use raw sugar for cooking and/or baking.

I sweeten most things with agave nectar. Mainly my African Nectar Mighty Leaf tea. Because I've come to love agave nectar so much, I won't even use honey. Honey only comes in handy for baking, cooking, and homemade products now. Now if I run out of agave, I'll just have my tea by itself. Eventually I won't even need the agave nectar anymore!

I can't remember the last time I purchased granulater sugar. I like that. And the coffee that I still have in the house...that's just used for my Brown Sugar Coffee Body Scrub.

Taking coffee and sugar out of my daily nutritutional intake...adding more fruit, water, and vitamins, I've noticed my body feels lighter. Things are processed better. I wonder how enlightened I'd feel if I went completed raw. Perhaps I'll try going raw for just one day and then vegan for a day, just to note the differences.

Do you notice a difference when you eat only vegetarian meals versus raw meals versus vegan meals? How often do you drink coffee? What do you use to sweeten your drinks and foods?

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OneSurvivor said...

I rarely drink coffee. I used to drink my herbal teas sans any sweetener...being a purist, of course! ;-) Now I do add honey at times. If I am out and stuck with black tea, I will often add a bit the sugar at the table...never artificial sweeteners, though.

I don't know that I have felt much difference in the different ways of eating so much as I can tell if I am eating junk...especially high fat junk. Some of how I feel, though, also depends upon how much I am being energetic...how much I am exercising or moving around.

There seem to be so many factors involved...including whether or not I am drinking enough water!