01 March 2010

Electrical Overload

I recently moved to New York for a job relocation and while I'm still getting situated, I'm staying in corporate housing. I am grateful for the benefit of corporate housing. It ties me over until I find a home. It's close to work and pretty much at the center of everything. The apartment comes fully stocked since most of my belonging are in storage and so I am able to survive until I find my future home in Brooklyn.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived was all the things plugged into the walls.

This is a partial view of the kitchen. It's pretty nice. Lots of room and counter space. But let's count what's plugged in.

1. The fridge
2. The stove.
3. The microwave
4. The dishwasher
5. The toaster
6. The can opener
7. The coffeemaker

SEVEN THINGS! Just in the kitchen. Remember my old lovely apartment?


 At any given moment throughout my ENTIRE apartment only THREE things remained plugged in. The fridge, the stove and my internet router. Even the lamp featured in the photo was only plugged in when in used. Which was rare because you see how much light i get in my apartment!

So seven things for just the kitchen. Well, I immediately put the can opener, toaster and coffee machine in the cabinet. I haven't used any of those things since I moved in.

Now what you can see in this picture...
8. Floor lamp
9. Table lamp
10. Ipod/Radio player

What you can't see...
11. Flat screen television
12. DVD player
13. Cable box
14. Router
15. Desk lamp
16. Telephone
17. Heater/Air conditioner

Oh, I forgot to mention
18. Telephone in kitchen
19. Telephone in kitchen (yes there are two. One that connects me to the doorman)


Now on to the bedroom.
20. One nightstand lamp
21. Another night stand lam
22. Heater/Air Conditioner

What you can't see.....
23. Another television. (A television in the bedroom. AAAAAHHHH!)
24. Cable box.
25. Yet ANOTHER telephone

And while its not plugged in there is a hair dryer in the bathroom.

25 things plugged in at all times! Are you serious! I can't even imagine what the electricity bill is! This isn't even counting the other things that you plug in every now and then. My phone chargers. My laptop charger and such! WTF!

I was excited to have received a $15 electricity bill in my old apt and now...holy crap. Luckily I don't have to see the electricity bill.

I've unplugged as many things as I can and have even considered moving the television in the bedroom into the closet but since its not my place I'm a little hesitant to make changes like that.

I find that its challenging to live a sustainable life when you don't have control. Like when I go home to visit my family, I eat what's presented to me. I'm not going to impose my lifestyle on them and change how they shop. And since this isn't my own apt, its just challenging. But I do what I can.

For the first few weeks I had a great deal of trouble sleeping. Part of me believes is due to this electrical overload. I can't wait to have my own apt again where the only things that are plugged in will be my fridge, stove and router.

How many things do you have plugged in?

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