01 December 2009

Stolen for Fashion by PETA

I saw this as an ad on HULU and was like, "well, ok then!" I was a little bit freaked out. If I were a person who wore rabbit fur and alligator leather....I'm not sure that this would change my pattern of behavior. I think what it does for me is prevent me from ever purchasing it to begin with.

Part of living a sustainable life is through protecting our resources, our livelihood, and our earth. While I don't believe everyone should be a vegetarian or vegan, I also don't believe that everyone should eat steak every day.

It's the same with fashion. In the past animal fur was used for warmth because people lived outside in tents or they didn't have People's Gas to heat their apartments. Nowadays that need has been meet. Although it makes me wonder. Is it better for the environment to use fur for warmth or natural resources that are dwindling?

Anyways....just though this was interesting.

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