01 December 2009

My feet are Vegan

Over at one of my favorite blogs, Eco Mam's Guide to Green Living, I came across a wonderful discovery.

I will be honest. I don't like UGG boot knock offs. I purchased a pair of UGGS for years ago and while they in no way promote a sustainable lifestyle...they are COMFY and they last for YEARS...unless you are like me and you do a stupid thing and pretty much destroy them. But I tell you those shoes are like a cloud from heaven.

I've considered purchasing a new pair just because. But I can't bring myself to spend over $100. But I also frown and turn my nose up to the knock offs. I'm not one who gives value to labels. I give value to things that work perfectly for me. And for awhile the UGGS did.

Well, Eco Mama came across a pair of substitutes that are also VEGAN FRIENDLY. And that is of value to me. The boots were originally priced at  about $50 but they are currently on sale for $20. I bought one pair. I considered buying three pair in various colors but I think that is wasteful.

My pair are set to arrive on Friday. I love when I am able to meet a need and support causes that are important to me.

I'm also looking for a pair of brown flats because I NEED them and a pair of shiny green flats because I WANT them. Suggestions on where to shop?

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