01 February 2010

In Lieu of My Absence.

I KNOW!! I'm sorry. I have been gone so long! Part of me enjoys it. But part of me knows its not fair. To tie you over while I continue editing post and...videos, visit me on Youtube. Maybe that will be the appetizer before my soon to be return.

I have a video on Homemade Apple Crisp, Homemade Face Wash, Natural Hair Care and Styles, and Part One of my Corn Chowder. Watch some of those and hopefully it will make my absence a little less severe!



Eco Mama said...

Miss you SLY! Hope you're enjoying your break.
Eco Mama

OneSurvivor said...

I am looking forward to seeing your video on Apple Crisp! Welcome back.

Shelagh said...

I'm selfishly hoping that this might tempt you to come back?!?
(but I also hope you're really enjoying the time off too)

I just nominated Granola Tendencies for a Sunshine Award - its a pretty simple way to spread the news about other blogs.


Take care SLY,