28 February 2010

Fruit Loops has Fiber

Back in October I wrote about Kellogg's latest commercial where they spoke of Poptarts containing real fruit. I was slightly enraged with their lies and marketing scheme geared towards children to endorse their product in a greenwashing manner.

I recently saw their latest commercial.

I wrote before.....
First off, it always annoys me how so many toys, snacks, and all around products are geared towards children and not the adult who's buying the item. The commercial above is for a child to see and then beg their mom in the grocery store for.

Now the kid will say, "But mommy, it has fiber!"

How about giving your child granola and adding a spoonful of ground flaxseed with mixed berries. Or giving them granola with organic milk topped with blueberries or raspberries.

I acknowledge that it is uber expensive for a typical family to feed their children on an organic diet. I know. The part in Food Inc, featuring the family who had to decide between fruit or chips was heartbreaking. I get it.

But its just annoying.

A friend of mine babysits for a family that only feeds their daughter real food. She grew up eating avocado mashed up rather than McDonalds. One of her favorite foods is squid and not hot dogs. I'm sure she even knows what flaxseed is. :) Her babysitter told me the story of how when she was about two, her and her friends were talking about what they were going to eat for a snack. One kid said, "A hotdog." Another said something else just as blah. And then she said, "Noki."

What do you feed your children for breakfast?

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Anonymous said...

Well said. If I watched TV more often, I would be very tempted toward random acts of violence against the television set whenever a commercial like that ran (which, you know, destroying appliances is not exactly green ;) ).

No kiddos yet, but I like your breakfast idea. I'm an oatmeal girl myself, so I'm sure whole oats in one form or another will factor highly into breakfasts. And if you compare the cost of buying oats in bulk (even with adding some nice toppings, like fruit, milk, flax, nut butters, etc.), it's much cheaper per serving than most breakfast cereals!